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Nancy & Dick Weber's Home Page

Celebrating Life
Individual & Couples Counseling
Both Dick and Nancy Weber perform counseling for couples. While training offers technical and intellectual understanding of emotional issues, life offers up a challenge to couples to intertwine their own needs, love, fear, hurts, background and baggage. Combining their own developed sensitivity to the commitment they made to each other, they joyfully reach out to share this with others.

Nancy Weber began her studies in counseling when at 11 years old she received permission to talk to in-patients at Brooklyn State Mental Hospital.  The Director knew her through his children.  He believed it was important to encourage her unique intuitive gifts and that with assistance, Nancy's passion for helping and understanding spiritual and mental pain would lead to a career.  By age 20 Nancy was a Nursing Supervisor, voted in by the staff of the New York hospital she then worked in.  From ages 19 to the present Nancy has independently studied, a ttended seminars and mentored nurses, social workers, physicians, and psychotherapists in a variety of healing fields. Some of these diverse healing fields are: Gestalt Therapy, Primal Therapy, PsychoDrama, Group and Individual processes, Psychiatric Interviewing (Nancy's last position as a nurse was Head Nurse of the Acute Psychiatric Unit, Lincoln Hospital, Bronx, NY), Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, Crisis intervention, EMDR, Energy Tapping, and she regularly works as a Medical Intuitive with referrals from physicians. Nancy also does a unique form of educational counseling on an individual and couple basis. Her sessions are taped for the client(s) and relate to the interaction of body, mind and spirit. She uses her intuitional gifts to reach deeper into the core and essence of the issues facing each of us.

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