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Nancy Weber conducts workshops at Interweave in Summit, NJ, a meditation center founded by Robert Corin Morris. Nancy and Robert also conduct a workshop 4 times a year entitled The Psychic and The Sacred.

For updates and a listing of workshops Nancy gives at INTERWEAVE please go to

Upcoming Workshops and Events
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Animal Communication Workshop

Saturday, March 9, 2003
2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Wise Man's Book Store &
Center For Conscious Awareness,
Wayne, New Jersey
Contact: Steve - (973) 492-2020
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of
Nancy's "The Gift Of Interspecies Communication"
book will be donated to the Wayne animal shelter.

  • Bring items and photos of beloved pets - living and/or deceased.
  • Depending on weather conditions, experience communication with wild life.
  • Psychic techniques for interspecies communication.
Nancy has been an ASPCA agent using her gifts to help investigate cruelty cases.  Nancy's book "The Gift of Interspecies Communication, True Stories and Exercises For The Soul" chronicles her adventures into the world of other species, along with ideas and exercises for your own adventure.  The book is currently available through calling 1-888-266-9462.  For more information on Nancy's workshops click on

Medical Intuitive Workshop

Saturday, April  26, 2003
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Morris County, New Jersey

  • Learn how to "see" the energy of the body/mind/spirit
  • Tracing the roots of dis-ease.
  • Interpreting what you see, sense and/or feel is part of the development of the Medical Intuitive experience.
  • Learn the role of the Etheric energy (the body double), the aura, chakras and the Kundalini in imbalances and healing.
  • Learn how to integrate a basic understanding of the effects of stressors and preventative measures against the cascade effects of stress.
  • Healing touch, sending healing and self healing techniques will be taught.
  • Trusting and developing the intuition.
Fee includes handouts and light lunch - $125

Since 1963 Nancy's skill as a nurse and medical intuitive have helped many people discover pathways to healing.
Her referrals come from physicians, chiropractors, alternative healers
those who have utilized her gifts.
Individual sessions are available.

To register or call for further information - 1-888-266-9462
Secure pay site will be available in February.

For further information or to be on the mailing list, please email: