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Dick Weber  Dick Weber
Raised in a nominally Christian environment, at age 14 he decided that the traditions and beliefs he was being exposed to were too exclusionary to be the valid utterences of the Supreme Creator, and so began a life long quest for a universal message which bonds us all.

This search has led him to his present place of understanding that "no one owns God" and that, in fact, we are all extensions of the creative force.  In a life embracing physics and electronic engineering as vocation, and comparitive religion and spirituality as advocation, Dick  believes that  we serve best by encouraging growth, freedom of self expression, and conscious gratitude for our own, and our loved one's existance.  After his children were all through school and established, he was moved to change his career path and sought ordination in the LifeSpirit CC.  His ministry as co -director of the Lightwing Center of  LifeSirit gives him  the great joy of helping  celebrate life.

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