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Celebrating Life
Baby Blessings
Celebrating and Welcoming the Newborn
baby pic
Probably every culture around the globe performs some form of welcoming when a baby is born. For many people in our culture there are traditional welcomings such as the baby naming, baptism and christening. There are many families today that either are not active participants in a religion or cannot attend regularly. This is where wonderful, creative rituals can occur and become part of the family tradition.
As we have done with weddings in "Compose Your Own Wedding Ceremony", we have written a workbook, "Compose Your Own Baby Blessing" where couples have a range of choices of spiritual baby blessings that can include elements from any culture and religion.

Blessing a baby can be done anywhere the baby and their family want to celebrate. A belief in the power of a loving gathering of well wishers is all that is needed to start you on the path of a new ritual. Godparents are usually part of the proceedings, this is an opportunity for them to write and/or say something for the baby. There is no rule on how many godparents a baby can have. We wrote vows for the first baby blessing that Nancy performed and we happily share them with you.

Do you, Patty and Brian, vow and promise to take as your spiritual child, Sierra Nicole, to nurture and protect, love and strengthen, keep from harms way and help to guide in goodness this new soul on earth?

We then have asked the rest of the gathering:
In the true sense of community, I ask each of us now to vow to take as our spirital child, Sierra Nicole, to nurture and protect, love and strengthen, keep from harms way and help to guide in goodness this new soul on earth.


Nancy and Harrison Dear Nancy,
Thank you so much for Blessing Harrison.   It's neat to know that the Blessing you gave John and I (our wedding ceremony) is being handed down to the fruits of  labor (pun).  It only seems so fitting-of course!  If another spirit comes to earth through us - you'll see us again - but I hope to see you before that!  I love you!
                                            Your Student and Friend,
donnageorge     Donna and George
on their wedding day.

          Nicole's Baby                          Blessing                                               
Nicole's Baby blessing      

A Beautiful Family

A Beautiful Family

We offer this prayer for your child... With all our hopes and dreams for your future, we celebrate your being. May you always feel the love that surrounds you. May your days be filled with wonder and your nights be gentle. May your years on this earth be blessed with strength, health and wisdom. May the love you are be the power forever guiding your light on this earth. May God bless and keep you. And may your days be good and long upon this earth.


To order your free Baby Blessing Brochure:
email your name and address to ,
call (888) 467-6572 or write to: The Webers, Box 1132, Denville, NJ 07834.

We happily write personalized ceremonies to be used wherever you are, call or email for information, fees, etc. Our normal traveling distances are throughout New Jersey, New York City and surrounding areas, Pennsylvannia and Connecticutt. Ceremonies are conducted at catering halls, homes, gardens, and wherever else your hearts vision desires to bless your child.
Our, fees, while substantially less than fees for marriage ceremonies, are still based on the distance we must travel.

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