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couple Dear Nancy,
    I just had to send you a copy of this photo - doesn't it so perfectly encapsulate the spirit of our ceremony?!
But more importantly, I wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of our most special day.   It would never have been the same without you!

From the very first time I called you on the phone, to the last moment I saw you when you presented me with the beautifully bound copy of our ceremony, I felt at ease with you.  Your warmth, sincerity, helpfulness and sense of humor meant so much to me.  Without even having much time to get to know me, somehow I felt you did!  You translated all of my thoughts and wishes into a ceremony that was exactly what I wished for and dreamed of.  All of our guests raved about you too!

As I had told you in our first meeting, sadly people sometimes lose sight of what a "wedding" is about, and to me, all that mattered on our wedding day was the ceremony - the reception was only a "party".  So now, whenever I reflect on my wedding day, I'll remember how perfect it was - because the ceremony was perfect!

Our thanks to you and Dick also for helping us to resolve the confusion about our certificate of marriage.  It's wonderful how you both are so aware of all the legal aspects too!

Thank you for everything, Nancy.  And I thank God for sending you into our lives, even if only for a brief time - I will never forget you.

With sincerest love and thanks,
Jeannine Burns  10-27/2000


Dick, Nancy, Laura and Mark   Dear Nancy and         Dick,
      Thank you for sending us our ceremony bound and decorated, no less.  It was a magnificent ceremony.  I am so proud of it.  Almost every person on the receiving line commented on how unique and touching it was.  That meant everything to us.  Thank you for all you did to help us put it together.  Thank you for showing so much warmth towards us.  Having you both there made it very special and being able to feel your love for each other as we declared ours made it all the more glorious.
                                            Laura and Mark

Lucy & Mark Dear Dick and Nancy,
      Happy New Year!
        We wanted to thank you for performing such a beautiful wedding ceremony.  It was more beautiful and special than we could have imagined.  The keepsake booklet of the ceremony was an added surprise!  Thank you.
       You both know that you will be performing a baby blessing when our time arrives.  (We're planning!)
                      Our Love,
                 Lucy and Mark


Dear Dick,
    How do we thank you for being such a big part of our special day?  We got so many compliments on the ceremony & how it seemed like you must have been a long time friend because it fit us so perfectly.  It was everything we wanted it to be, thanks to you.  Please send our love to Nancy and give each other a big hug from us.  
                                      Barbara & Hector

Dear Dick & Nancy,
    Thank you both so much for guiding us through what has to be one of the most intense periods of life.  You were both so wonderful and helpful.  God Bless you both.  
                                            Anthony , Jennifer, & Kayla
      We just wanted to thank you for performing such an awesome ceremony!  We have received so many compliments from our friends and family about it.  Everyone said it fit us perfectly and brought a tear to their eye.
      We could have never done it without your help and just wanted to let you know what a wonderful person you are!  You are definitely going to get recommendations from us and will be called on to help us again--once we have children!
                                                Jennifer & Scott

Lorraine's, Dan's & Veronica's Photo Dear Nancy and Dick,
    Thank you for making our day very special.  You guys are great!!  Thank you for the warmth and care you've shown us; especially Veronica.  We wish you all the best and we hope we get the opportunity to talk with you again.
                                       All our love,
                                             Lorraine & Dan

Steve & Linda      June 22, 2000

Dear Reverend Weber,
    It was exciting,
wasn't it.  It was you, whose patience, understanding and obvious caring laid the groundwork for what will be remembered as a perfect start to our married life.  Your words touched us all and we were blessed to have found you.
   Thank you and God Bless you!!
                                                    Steve & Linda

Hi Nancy Weber!
     Wasn't that a beautiful day!?  And you helped us create a day we will never forget.  a true master of the spoken word (among other things) - what do you put in your delivery to give the impact you do?  You put you into it.  Our heart-felt thanks, Nancy!  How's tht for a testimonial?
    Honestly, our search for an 'officiant' was a stressful one.  Allof our referrals were leading us nowhere...I was fearing we were goint to wind up 'settling' for less than we were looking for.  When I connected with you-we got more than we had hoped for.  All the searching finally made sense and suddenly seemed worthwhile.
   Will and I looked at one another when we were in your home, back at our first meeting in June, and knew our search was over.  Upon meeting you we were both reminded of some very special people in our lives.  As a matter of fact several members of my family swore we were married by Elsie Dillon-my nana dear.  Guess we were right about what we sensed in you, Nancy.  One speical woman.  And very powerful.  I forward unanimous accolades from our humble gathering.
    Thanks again Nancy and please keep in touch.
                                       Kelly & Will

Eugene & Heather Dear Dick and Nancy,
       We promised you a wedding photo, and here it is.  We loved the ceremony and the keepsake booklet.  Thank you so much for everything.  We hope both of you have a wonderful holiday season - and a happy new year!
                Heather and Eugene

Roy & Tanya  Dear Dick,
       Roy and I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful wedding ceremony.  the guests thought we had known you for years.
      Thank you also for the lovely words you spoke regarding my stepfathers passing.
       You made our day even more special!
                   Tanya and Roy


Dearest Nancy,
       Finally I sit down to write to both you and Dick to thank you both for making our wedding a time for peaceful and wondrous words.  We cannot thank you enough for all of your personal attention - without your beautiful book the words that passed our lips would not have been possible.  
       Everyone there still tells us that ours was the most beautiful, honest, humorous and heart-felt ceremony they've ever attended,one that anyone and everyone could relate to.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for making it a day we won't forget.  We intend to let many others know about two of the most gifted people we've ever met.  Please us us always as a reference.
                        Much love to you both!
                                          Chris and Sharon

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